Good news!

​In July, the Vanguard Institutional Index share class is changing from Institutional to Institutional Plus. This reduces the fund operating expense from 0.035% to 0.02%. No action is required.

You may have special COBRA rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In certain circumstances, individuals’ rights to continued coverage under COBRA may be expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, individuals experiencing a COBRA qualifying event may have a longer timeframe to elect and pay for COBRA coverage. If you have experienced a COBRA qualifying event, the event should be reported to the Plan by you or your employer and you’ll receive important information from us about your rights. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Care Center.

Have you separated from service with your employer?

If you are no longer working for the employer that established your HRA account, be sure to tell us! Reporting your separation date is important. If you have an in-service plan, reporting your separation date will help protect your account from Medicare coordination. And if you have a post-separation plan, reporting your separation date may help to initiate your claims eligibility. To report your separation date, contact the Customer Care Center.

Is your HRA at risk due to Medicare? Elect "Limited HRA coverage" today!

You should consider limiting your HRA coverage if: (1) you or someone covered under your HRA are on Medicare; (2) you’re still working for the employer who set up your HRA; and (3) your HRA provides in-service benefits (not a post-separation HRA). Unless your HRA is limited, Medicare won’t pay claims until after you’ve used up all your HRA funds or separated from your employer. Medicare could also take your HRA funds to cover prior claims paid by Medicare. To elect Limited HRA coverage, contact the Customer Care Center.

Register online to help protect your privacy.

Protecting your privacy has never been more important. We use several proactive measures to maintain the highest levels of security. You can further safeguard your account by registering online and setting up a username and password. Just click the Participant Login button, and follow the instructions.

Log in and use secure messaging, not email. 

Our new secure messaging feature lets you send secure communication to us. Secure messaging is recommended in place of regular email, especially when exchanging your private information. Just log in, or from HRAgo® (mobile app), click the envelope icon.

We don't want to lose track of you! Make sure we have your new address.

Have you recently moved or are you planning a move this summer? Log in and click My Profile to check and update your mailing address and other important information.

Your annual Medicare Part D Notice is available.

This is a required annual notice about prescription drug coverage provided by the HRA VEBA Plan and Medicare Part D. Please read it carefully, and keep it on file for future reference. Click here to review online, or contact the Customer Care Center to request a paper copy.

A Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is available.

SBCs help consumers compare group health plan (insurance) benefits. Certain group health plans must provide an SBC to participants annually. Your HRA is a group health plan, but it is not insurance. You’ll notice that some of the information and defined terms in the SBC are not applicable to your HRA coverage. Click here to review online, or contact the Customer Care Center to request paper a copy.